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2015/04/24 東洋国際文化アカデミーのホームページがリニューアルしました。





On TOYO International Culture Academy

Hikichi Academy Chairman of the Board
Toyo International Culture Academy Principal
Kay Hikichi
Graduated The Institute of International Education in London Diploma in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
Vice Principal
Hikichi Academy a member of the board
Toyo International Culture Academy Vice Principal
Guo Hui
Master of Arts in Economics and
Management・Tohoku University

Principal greetings

Aiming the education for international person with grace and well education through learning.

Toyo International Culture Academy support foreign students who are studying abroad aiming to enter into the Japanese Universities and the Graduate Schools, well filled facility to study Japanese language. We provide the Japanese language education specialists who have sufficient capability and experience. Therefore we can teach comprising the basic Japanese language through “Academic Japanese”, so that your objects can be achieved. In the near future, we educate seriously so that you can be educated and refined international person to positively contribute to admire cross cultures, and understand them and develop each other, and participate actively in global world in the 21st century.

Toyo International Culture Academy Principal Kay Hikichi